Thursday, February 26, 2015


Plan Check Kitchen + Bar
1800 Sawtelle Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90025
Tel: 310.444.1411
$$ ($15-30)
Fri, 02/20/2015, 8:00pm walk-in
    (4 Piglets)

Plan Check Kitchen + Bar is a sophisticated, yet casual gastropub, serving delicious burgers and pub food. Situated on bustling Sawtelle, the eatery is cool and hip. The name stems from its location neighboring alongside the Building and Safety Department, where architectural plans are sent. 

Comfort pub food and craft beers compose the bulk of the menu. The wait can be long; however if you're a drinker, you can kill time with a drink or two (I was able to bring my wine outside whilst waiting on the sidewalk). 

Baked Crab Dip ($12.50): Dynamite sauce, masago, charred tomato, nori, toast. This dip is not your average crab dip. A bit on the salty end, the dip bags a punch with some spice. The nori adds a uniqueness uncommon to the average crab dip. Although the flavors were all there, this was my least favorite dish. 

Double Cut Wing ($2.50 each wing; part of the specials menu): Buffalo sauce, large wing, micro celery. The wings were large and not a measly typical chicken wing. It had a good amount of sauce and generously coated the chicken. Simple and done well. 

Sweet potato waffle fries ($6.00): Beef tallow, peach ketchup. The waffles had great flavor, although some were not crispy (which is the way I like my fries). The peach ketchup added sweetness, which was a bit unusual. My preference of dip would probably be something more creamy and rich to go along with the fries. The sweet on sweet just was not my cup of tea. Nevertheless, the fries were tasty. 

Chefs Favorite Burger ($14.00): My favorite dish. Cheese two ways, bacon two ways, ketchup leather, sunny fried egg, hot sauce. If you have to resort to using an iron pan to place your burger in, then it must be really good. The bacon was crisp, the egg yolk coated the burger well, and the dehydrated ketchup was the perfect accompaniment. Order it medium-rare for the perfect burger.  

Overall, Plan Check Kitchen + Bar offers a casual and chic atmosphere. The food is pretty darn tasty, but the burger specifically is what makes this place special. Additionally, the service is pretty spot on at this joint. There are two other locations in Los Angeles (Downtown and Fairfax) to serve those in search for a good burger and beer. Word of advice: Come on a weeknight to avoid a crowd.

Notable dishes: Chefs Favorite Burger

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