Sunday, August 9, 2015


Luckyrice's Los Angeles Feast
Create Nightclub
6021 Hollywood Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90028
Cuisine: Asian
Thurs, 07/30/2015, 7:00pm VIP
     (5 Piglets)

Luckyrice was founded by Danielle Chan, a former CEO of Vivienne Tam and Professor of Contemporary Art History who now has a profound love for culinary arts and Asian culture. With her team, they managed to captivate Asian food and culture by bringing large feasts and food events across the nation (USA that is).

Luckyrice's Los Angeles Feast was a feast for the palate. The food event celebrated Asian cuisine at its finest from up-and-coming chefs in the Los Angeles area. Asian-inspired cocktails were flowing and chefs were dishing out food to the hungry Luckyrice guests.


Held at Create Nightclub on Hollywood Blvd, the event was presented by Bombay Sapphire East and was magnificent. Upon entering, you are greeted with a cocktail to get your palate started: a wonderfully refreshing and smooth drink perfect for the hot summer months. Inside the club, the backdrop was lively, sophisticated and doused with the lucky color of red. The host was none other than Andy Ricker, James Beard award winning chef and owner of Pok Pok restaurants. Past hosts of Luckyrice's other events have included Daniel Boulud, David Chang, Jose Andres and Sang Yoon (so they definitely know their food). 

Welcoming cocktails
Inside the nightclub with food tastings and cocktails

VIP tickets enabled you to get in an hour before general admission and have a meet and greet with the host, Andy Ricker. The VIP ticket comes at a hefty price of $150. Was it worth it? Most definitely. 


Asian Box

  • Lamb Meatballs, Coconut Curry, Summer Herbs, Asian Street Dust

  • Glass Noodle Salad, Pineapple, Golden Raisins, Tamarind Vinaigrette

Ayara Thai cuisine

  • Chicken Khao Soi: Thai curry Noodles with Pickled Mustard Greens, Shallots, Fried Noodles, Coconut Cream Foam, and Lime


Cooking it up
  • Chicken Biryani with Cilantro-Lime Whip and Paprika Masala

Bling Bling Dumpling

  • Pork Belly Bao

Blue Ribbon

  • Spicy Tuna Hand Roll: Raw Tuna, Spicy Mayo, Sushi Rice, Vinegar, Nori
  • Salmon Avocado Hand Roll: Salmon, Avocado, Sushi Rice, Vinegar, Nori
  • Spicy Crab Hand Roll: Crab, Spicy Mayo, Shiso Leaf, Masago, Sushi Rice, Vinegar, Nori

Crème Caramel LA

  • Ube Upside Down Pie: Ube (Purple Yam) Custard topped with Bruleed Graham Cracker, Greek Yogurt Crumble Crust

Fluff Ice
  • Chamango: Mango Fluff with Spicy Popping Boba

  • Bara Chirashi: Tuna, Snapper, Salmon, Egg, Sesame, Seaweed, Shiso, Rice


Katsuya plating

  • Truffle & Chive Chawanmushi: Three Layers of Truffle, Dashi Tamago and Light Soy
  • Hokkaido Scallop Sashimi: Tomatillo Ponzu, Fuji Apple, Watercress & Ginger


  • Vietnamese Chicken Liver Pate on Bruschetta with Smoked Caramelized Onions, and Pickled Carrots

Hutchinson Cocktails & Grill

  • Nasi Goreng: Rice, Pork, Chicken, Shrimp, Fried Egg, Sambal Oelek, Kejap Manis, Chicken Stock, and Trassi (Shrimp Paste)

Little Sister

  • Braised Beef Shank and Tendon, Sweet onion, Aromatics, Chili Noodles, Black Vinegar

Open Blue

  • Cobia Crudo, chicken Skin Chicharron, Hearts of Palm, Young Ginger and Lime Gremolata with Tomatillo-White Soy Glaze

Palms Thai

  • Papaya Salad with Blue Raw Crab: Sliced Green Papaya with Green Beans, Garlic, Chili, Tomato, and Blue Raw Crab in Spicy Lime Juice

Parks BBQ
Plating it up

  • Parks Galbi: Marinated Short Ribs


  • Szeuchuan Pork and Crab Wontons: Pork, Crab, Onions, Cilantro, Water Chesnut

Seoul Sausage Company

  • Southern Korean Braised Bacon with Country Potato Salad

Starry Kitchen

  • Crispy Tofu Balls

The District by Hannah An

  • Open Faced Bahn Mi: Tofu Pate or Beef Pate, Pickled Carrots, and Pickled Daikon with Aioli

Twenty Eight

I absolutely love this TC Shirley Chung and her food was delicious!

  • Slow Braised Octopus: Black Bean Chili Glaze, Garlic Aioli, Pickled Radish, Preserved Young Peach


Asahi Beer
  • Asahi Super Dry
  • Asahi Select
  • Asahi Kuronama Black

Bombay Sapphire East Gin
Feeling Sheepish: Chamomile-infused Bombay Saphire East Gin, Bruce Coast Ginger Ale, Garnished with Lemon Slices

Break Room 86

Bruce Cost Ginger Ale

  • Original
  • Jasmine Tea
  • Pomegranate with Hibiscus
  • Passion Fruit with Turmeric
  • Bruce Cost 66 Calories with Monk Fruit
  • Blood Orange with Meyer Lemon
Butchers and Barbers

Cathay Pacific
  • Oriental Breeze: Sour Plum Tea, Cranberry Juice, Honey, Fresh Lemon Juice, Rose Water, Dried Rose Bud Garnish 
Cocktail Academy and Simbal
  • Take Me Down to Paradise: Bombay Sapphire East Gin, Coconut, Pineapple, Ginger
  • Blood Moon: Martini and Rossi Prosecco and Orange Sherbet
Good Times At Davey Wayne's

Adult thai iced tea with boba?! Yes, please! So so so so good! I wish they had this as an option at all Thai restaurants

  • Thai Milk Boba Tea: D'Usse Cognac, Thai Milk, Thai Tea, Creme de Cacao, Caramel Boba
Harvard and Stone

Hinoki and The Bird

Smashing Leaves
  • Son of a Beesting: Bombay Sapphire East Gin, Sweetened Ginger, Honey Syrup, Lemon Juice, Mist of Rose Flower Water
  • Smashing Leaves: Shiso Infused D'Usse Cognac, Lemon Juice, Kumquat Cordial
  • Hanami Suckle: Bombay Sapphire East Gin, Lime, Gyokuro, Rosehip, Soda
  • Chaji Collins: Bacardi 8, Homemade Cherry Brandy, Lemon, Sakura

There were a plethora of dishes and it was so difficult to decide amongst the best of the best. Here are a few of my favorite dishes:

FROM KATSUYA: Truffle and Chawanmushi: It was layer upon layer of truffle. I absolutely enjoyed this dish completely. The truffles were subtle yet profound enough to taste upon each bite. The texture was creamy and luscious and the presentation was superb. 
FROM STARRY KITCHEN: Crispy Tofu Balls: These were piping hot and straight from the fryer. They were super crisp on the outside and light and soft on the inside. The aioli that came with it was slightly spicy and creamy, which was the perfect compliment to all the amazing textures of this dish. 
FROM AYARA THAI CUISINE: Chicken Khao Soi: This was unbelievable. The noodles were al dente, the curry was perfectly rich and spicy and reminded me of my mom's cooking. The fried noodles added texture. The coconut cream add a coolness to all the spices. It was a well constructed dish and should be on their regular menu.

FROM CREME CARAMEL LA: Ube Upside Down Pie: The consistency of the pie was so rich, so creamy and so delicious. It had great texture from the crumbs. It was a perfect way to end the night with something sweet. 

Overall, Luckyrice's LA Feast is a wonderfully constructed event to truly appreciate what Asian cuisine is all about. Chefs from all over Los Angeles managed to bring their A-game and open up our palates to robust flavors. It was a truly magnificent celebratory night and one for the books. Thank you to Luckyrice for allowing me to partake in this wonderful event and enabling my readers to be a part of it as well in the giveaway on my blog. I'm looking forward to next year's LA Feast to see if they are able to top 2015. 

And its not a full night until you meet the host, Andy Ricker


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