Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Amorino Gelato
9605 S. Santa Monica Blvd.
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
Tel: 424.335.0317
$ (Under $15)
Multiple Vistations
     (4.5 Piglets)

It was a cold afternoon in February in the streets of Paris. Stores are bustling and everyone is out and about. An ice cream cart stands before me and I can smell their waffle cones working their magic. My cousin turns to me and whispers under her cold breath, "Do you want some?" I stare at the cart filled with the various gelato flavors. I turn to her and say, "Do I ever refuse ice cream when offered?" The gelato was delicious, smooth, and creamy. As I finished my last bite, I knew this would be my last taste of this gelato for awhile....until now.....

Amorino Gelato has made its way from the streets of Paris to Los Angeles. The flavors range from typical gelato flavors (ie. pistachio, vanilla, and hazelnut) to unique ones (Speculoos, Green Tea, and Creme Brulee). Unlimited samples are offered and you can choose up to four flavors for each cone size. Scoops of ice cream are placed strategically to resemble a flower. Additionally, crepes, gelato macarons, and waffles are on the menu. 

The interior

A few of the gelato flavors

Gelato Sizes

Classica Cup ($6.75): True, this may possibly be one of the more expensive gelato spots around, but you get what you pay for. The quality of the gelato can be tasted with each bite. My favorite flavor is the L'Inimitabile (a chocolate hazelnut).  Swirls of chocolate ganache are prominent in the chocolate hazelnut flavor. 

Classica Cone ($6.75): My favorite dish. There's something comforting when getting a cone to go along with your ice cream. Here, you can choose whatever flavors you want and they make it to look like a flower. Raspberry and Mango sorbets are actually pretty darn good here (considering I never ever give much thought to sorbets). 

Macaron Gelato ($2.50 each): I ordered the chocolate hazelnut and pistachio. Both were good and the texture was similar to a decent French macaron; however, the macarons melted pretty quickly and almost caused the macaron to disintegrate within my fingertips. In my opinion, I'd rather have an original French macaron as opposed to a gelato version (but I appreciate the idea). 

Gelato Crepe ($7.50): Up to two flavors. The crepe was warmed and was filled with the flavors of gelato to my liking. The whipped cream was essentially a tower that covered half of the crepe. I enjoyed this dish and it was very filling. If you had a large dinner prior to an Amorino night, this dish would probably be a bit too much (I can't believe I just said that!). 

Overall, Amorino is a sophisticated gelato that you can get right here in Los Angeles. Although it is quite expensive for scoops of gelato, it is worth every penny. At Amorino, you can get unlimited samples. Simply pay for your gelato first, order your size, and then the rest is in your hands.

Notable flavors: L'Inimitabile and Mango sorbet

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