Saturday, December 2, 2017


Da Cesari
Via de Carbonesi 8
40123 Bologna
Da Cesari
Tel: +39 051 237710
Cuisine: Italian
$$$ ($30-$45)
Wed, 10/25/2017, 7:00pm reservation
    (4 Piglets)

Bologna is a beautiful city. It is filled with colors of red and architecture consisting of arches throughout. It is known for pastas and salumi and boy, did we get a good amount of it.

Da Cesari is a restaurant in Bologna that has received great reviews and recommended by a friend. The restaurant is decently sized, rustic, and family owned. As soon as you walk in, you feel like you're part of the family. We decided to stick with pasta since that seemed to be what we were craving most of the time. 

The Interior
Part of the kitchen
The most delicious wine

SALUMI DELLA GRANDE TRADIZIONE EMILIANA (€12.00). This was amazing. Definitely order it if you like cold cuts. My favorite was the fatty one. LOL

TORTELLINI IN BRODO DI MANZO (€12.00). This was light and delicious. It was a good way to start the meal with something light, even if it was pasta. I loved the broth. It had so much flavor. It was a good starter. 

TAGLIATELLE ALLA BOLOGNESE (€10.00). What I realized in Italy is that traditional Bolognese is not saucy so to speak, but rather it coats the pasta just enough to flavor it. Regardless, it is delicious. It has tons of flavor and I love how the pasta is tossed in butter. It was meaty but not to the point that it was overwhelming. 

MY FAVORITE. SPECIAL: SPAGHETTI WITH TRUFFLES. I thought the pasta was delicious. It had a good amount of sauce. I only wished the truffle was a little more prominent in flavor but regardless, it was superb. I loved the texture of the pasta being al dente. I'm now craving pasta just writing this. 
Overall, I thought Da Cesari was a great place to get good pasta for the region. It was decently priced, which I appreciated. The service was good and they had a really great selection of wines. It feels like you're at home when dining at the restaurant. I would definitely recommend this restaurant if you are craving pasta and want something that isn't too fussy. 

Notable Dishes: Spaghetti with Truffles and Tagliatelle Alla Bolognese 

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