Monday, July 25, 2016


11573 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90025
$ (under $15)
Mon, 07/18/2016, 2:00PM walk-in
    (4 Piglets)

Honeyboba is a boba spot that started in the San Gabriel Valley and has finally moved over to the Westside of Los Angeles. It's a cool, trendy boba establishment that offers Taiwanese drinks filled with warm, honey boba. 

The drink menu is pretty ginormous, ranging with classic milk teas to creamy smoothies. Their signature drink is the Frosted Signature Milky, a deliciously cold, blended concoction filled with whatever your heart desires (in my case, pudding + honeyboba).  

The new location on the Westside is actually pretty big. Beautiful chandeliers are situated throughout Honeyboba. There is communal bar seating in the middle of the space while modern bar stools, booths and sofas surround the interior. If you want to enjoy the summer sun, you can always opt to drink your boba al fresco. 

The interior
Beautiful Chandeliers
Another part of the interior
MY FAVORITE DRINK. FROSTED SIGNATURE MILKY +STRAWBERRY + PUDDING + HONEY BOBA ($3.79): Man, is this delicious. The strawberry flavor is really prominent. It can be a tad bit sweet, but luckily, I customized it and put 75% sugar. The pudding is smooth like flan. Together, it's a delicious combination. The boba was soft, chewy, and warm...just the way I like it. 
BLACK SESAME MILK TEA ($3.29) + BOBA ($0.49) + EGG PUDDING ($0.49): If you like black sesame, you'll probably love this drink. Again, the star of the drink is the warm boba. The egg pudding is a nice touch. I think I just don't like the flavor in general. 

Overall, Honeyboba is a good boba spot in the Westside. There is free parking in the structure behind the store on Federal, which is a huge plus. I've been to this location twice and the first time, the boba was super hard and the second time, it was just right. Sometimes the drinks can be sweeter than usual. I do appreciate you can adjust the sweetness level as well as add other items to the boba for an additional $0.49. If they improve on the consistency, then this place would be bomb dot com. 

Notable dishes: Frosted Signature Milky + Strawberry + Honey boba + Pudding

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