Thursday, April 27, 2017


The Butcher, The Baker and the Cappuccino Maker
8653 West Sunset Blvd
West Hollywood, CA 90069
Tel: 310.360.6900
Cuisine: American, Breakfast
$$ ($15-$30)
Sat, 04/01/2017, 1:00pm walk-in
   (3 Piglets)

Located on the heart of Sunset Strip in West Hollywood sits a very cute brunch spot with an enticing name: the butcher, the baker, and the cappuccino maker. It's a lot of words to say for a restaurant but it explains a lot of what you're expecting for food. The actual place is gorgeous and a perfect location to people watch.

My friend and I were seated al fresco during one of the peak brunch hours. The décor is beautiful, reminiscent of a European café. There is indoor seating, but I much prefer sitting outdoors in the beautiful LA weather. 
The interior
Exterior seating

Mimosas for the table!!!
THE BAKER'S PASTRY BASKET ($9.00): Chef's selection of fresh baked pastries. I actually did not like this. I know how croissants should taste and this was quite stale. The muffin didn't do it for me either. The only good thing was the cookie. For $9, I would pass on this. 
SKILLET BAKED MUSHROOM OMELETTE ($15.00): Hen of the Woods, Potato, Manchengo, Kale Chips, Sauteed Potatoes. I thought this dish was ok. The edges were a bit dry in terms of the egg. It tasted like it was overcooked. Once you get more towards the center, it was more  tolerable. I thought the kale chips were good . The mushrooms were meh. It could've used a few various mushrooms to bring out the flavor. Not impressed. 
SWEET POTATO FRIES DELUXE ($7.00): Ranch Style.. These fries did not do it for me. I love crispy sweet potato fries or fries in general, but the ranch style was pretty awful. Sometimes simple is always better. 
THE BUTCHER'S EGG BENEDICT ($16.00): Pork belly, buttermilk biscuits, Hollaindaise, Sauteed potatoes. I'm sorry, but when I get a benedict, I wand the yolk to ooze out of my heart's desire. This failed miserably. It was a poor effort and the egg was overcooked. I did like the biscuit idea as the base, but other than that, I thought the dish was just ok. I substituted one of the pork bellys with salmon, and my friend that was good, but not great. 
Overall, I thought this place was just ok. I loved the space, but that was about the only thing the place has to offer. The place gets packed because I think anyone and everyone wants to come to see and be seen. The food was slightly bland,  overcooked, and well, just not as flavorful as I had hoped.