Saturday, December 16, 2017


Bodega 1900 
Carrer de Tamarit, 91
08015 Barcelona
Tel: +34 933.252.659
Cuisine: Spanish, Tapas
$$$$ ($50+)
Tues, 12/05/2017, 9:30pm reservation

     (4.5 Piglets)

Bodega 1900 is one of Albert Adria's tapas bar/restaurant. It is a perfect blend of good food and casual dining. Their main focus is tapas and vermouth. They have their own house vermouth, which was absolutely delicious and I highly recommend getting it.

The space itself is directly across from the fancier tapas restaurant Tickets. Bodega 1900 is probably easier to obtain reservations (although I booked 2 months in advance). Interiorly, it's simple and upon first glance, you're taken away by the iberico ham on display that is ready to be sliced. There are seats in the front and the outside as well as a countertop along the wall to dine. Additional tables are situated in the rear of the restaurant for those who wish to dine where the kitchen is situated. 

The interior
RAZOR CLAMS WITH WHITE ESCABECHE SAUCE (€14.20): This was one of the best dishes. It was super fresh, with a perfect balance of acidity and tang from the escabeche. It was succulent and cooked to perfection. I thoroughly enjoyed this dish and highly recommend it.

GORDAL AND PIPARRA OLIVA-S (€1.90 EACH UNIT). This dish is what they are known for and was a part of El Bulli. It's basically an olive that is epitome of a popping boba. The texture is like popping boba but once you put it in your mouth and push the olive up to your palate, a beautiful array of olive juice is transformed in your mouth. It is delicious. This dish is also available at Bazzar by Jose Andres in LA, but it tastes way better at Bodega 1900.
The gorgeous Jamon Iberico with the black foot!

BABY BEACH SQUID (€10.80). This dish was also delicious and fresh. It is cooked in a garlic butter sauce. If you like fresh calamari, this is the dish for you. It's a change from the traditional fried dish.
IBERIAN HAM "EL ROMERO DE SALAMANCA" 40GR. (€15.20). So obviously, I had to get jamon iberico. I mean, I was sitting right next to the big chunk of a leg and saw the chef slice my order right in front of me. It was beautiful. The ham was delicious and fatty and just simply melted in my mouth. It is a must order.

BREAD WITH TOMATO (€3.60). This is one of my favorite things. It's basically bread with tomato and olive oil. It's delicious and I always order it with the ham.
OUR HOUSE VERMOUTH (€3.80). This is one of my favorite drinks. It's vermouth and it's their own. It's a perfect digestif and I highly recommend getting it.

"FRICANDO" BEEF STEW WITH MUSHROOMS (€15.80). This was good but nothing special. I've had something similar to it previously. It's hearty and rich and very close to home. If you're not super adventurous or don't like seafood, this is a good dish for you.
MANDARIN LIQUER TART (€7.90). This was just ok for me. It's their version of a napoleon with alcohol. It was cakey, but with alcohol. It wasn't my favorite and I much preferred something more creamy. It was brought out by the waiter and I wish I didn't get it. Poor use of my stomach space.

OUR HOMEMADE CHEESECAKE OF THE BODEGA (€7.80). This was a really good cheesecake. The difference between this and the American is that the crust tends to be burnt and its creamier and lighter. It's definitely more cheesy than the norm in America. I actually prefer the Spanish version and this one didn't disappoint. It was delicious. My goal now is to attempt to make this version.

MY FAVORITE DISH. HOMEMADE CREAM FLAN WITH CARAMEL (€5.90). This flan was just simply amazing. It's a cross between flan and panna cotta. It was luxurious, creamy and decadent without being overly rich. I loved every freakin bite of it and contemplated ordering another. I would seriously just come here for only this. IT IS THE BEST FLAN I EVER HAD. PERIOD.
Overall, I loved Bodega 1900 and it was a perfect way to start off my trip in Barcelona. The staff were friendly and I was able to practice my Spanish with them. They do speak English as well for those who don't speak Spanish. Everything I ordered was delicious and it is a nice restaurant if you're feeling peckish and want variety. It is reasonably priced unless you're like me. I ended up over-ordering and ate every last bite. I mean, who orders three desserts just for yourself? I do!  

Notable Dishes: Flan, Razor Clams, and jamon iberico


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