Saturday, August 29, 2015


Waffles de Liege
21 E. Holly Street
Pasadena, CA 91101
Tel: 626.793.7726
$ (under $15)
Cuisine: Desserts/Waffles

Hey Foodies! So I recently collaborated with and contributed a review on Waffles de Liege, this amazing waffle food truck turned store front in Old Town Pasadena. Check out the blog post and all the deliciousness at It's so good and worth a try! Just look at this pic...

Tuesday, August 25, 2015


3455 S. Overland Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90034
Tel: 310.836.6252
$$$$ ($50+)
Cuisine: Japanese/Kaiseki
Thurs, 08/20/2015, 7:30pm reservation
     (5 Piglets)

N/naka is one of those restaurants that you rarely come across often. I waited two months for a reservation to finally be able to try this restaurant all thanks to Chef's Table. It's a special place that truly transcends Japanese cuisine at its finest. The restaurant is constructed around the idea of kaiseki, a Japanese culinary art that presents ingredients in the freshest and most natural form. 

Chef Niki Nakayama has a gift of transporting us on a Japanese culinary adventure by exhibiting kaiseki with both traditional and modern techniques. The chef, who once worked under Takao Izumida of Takao and Masa Sato whilst in Japan, is able to bring a tasting menu that exposes us to the art of the kaiseki practice. Not only are the ingredients fresh, but she handpicks everything everyday.

N/naka can be easily missed; no signs...just a plain, gray building. The interior is simple and casual with clean lines. The ambiance makes you feel comfortable with d├ęcor that isn't over the top. A row of elegant chairs line a countertop for guests to sit, relax and sip on some bubbly while waiting for their tables.

The interior
The bar area
A glass of  bubbly to welcome you!

And the food...well...see for yourself!

COURSE 1: SAKI ZUKE (A PAIRING OF SOMETHING COMMON AND SOMETHING UNIQUE): Kabocha and Shrimp Cake, Caviar, Chilled Kabocha Soup. If each course tasted this good, I'm in for a real treat. The soup was absolutely and utterly divine. I literally would drink this soup everyday if I could. The Kabocha and Shrimp cake was light, smokey, and soaked up the delicious soup. The broth was slightly sweet and paired perfectly with the shrimp cake. It was a perfect way to start the meal to anticipate the goodness that would come next. 
COURSE 2: ZENSAI (SEASONAL INGREDIENTS PRESENTED AS AN APPETIZER): Deep fried panko crusted tuna with yuzu aioli, Squid ink sauce, Lobster spring roll, Duck, Jellyfish sashimi with ginger. The lobster was my favorite out of the four. It was extremely fresh and partially cooked with all the textures. It was slightly sweet and I appreciated the lightness of the roll as it was wrapped in rice paper. The tuna was super crispy just the way I liked it and the aioli complemented the tuna. The duck was a little dry for my liking but the jellyfish was light and delicious.
A closer look at the duck and the jellyfish
A closer look at the tuna and the lobster

COURSE 3: MODERN ZUKURI (MODERN INTERPRETATION OF SASHIMI): Uni wrapped with scallop, Nori seaweed, Strawberry, Yuzu. Man, am I picky when it comes to uni. I don't particularly love it because I feel really good, fresh uni is hard to find, but when you do...its game over! This uni presented before us was probably the best uni I've ever had. I don't know why...maybe its because the sweetness was complemented by the sweetness of the raw scallops. To be honest, this dish was mighty tasty and the strawberries were picked straight from the chef's garden. The yuzu was just icing on the scallops! 
A closer look at this dish
COURSE 4: OWAN "STILL WATER": Baby corn, snow crab in dobin mushi. This was probably the dish I was least amazed about. I'm not saying that it was bad by any means, cause it was delicious, but it just reminded me of Chinese corn soup (which is my favorite soup).  The crab was tender and I appreciated that I had multiple sippings of my soup 
Look at all this soup! 
And my crab got stuck in the spout :(
COURSE 5: OTSUKURI (TRADITIONAL SASHIMI): Oh Toro, Kurodai, Amaebi, Kuamoto Oyster, Hamachi. OMG. I think I literally died. The sashimi was melt in your mouth, sweet, and bursting with flavor. It was so fresh and I could have eaten this all day. One of the best sashimis I've ever had.

COURSE 6: YAKIMONO (GRILLED): Conch with quail egg and broth. I believe this was my first time having conch and it was quite interesting. It was a bit rubbery and had a strong, pungent smell. The broth was good, but unfortunately I barely had any and had to borrow some from my friends to taste it. The quail egg was a nice touch. This was probably my least favorite dish but I was definitely wow'd by the presentation. 
And it was all gone....
COURSE 7: MUSHIMONO (STEAMED/FRIED): Fried sea bass. This was delicious. It had a sweet and sour flavor and the eggplant that came with the dish was nicely cooked. It was a good dish overall. 
MY FAVORITE DISH. COURSE 8: SHIIZAKANA (NOT BOUND BY TRADITION, THE CHEF'S CHOICE DISH): Spaghettini with abalone, Pickled cod roe, Burgundy truffles. This dish was absolutely amazing. I mean...its just spaghetti right? But its some revamped spaghetti with some bold flavors. The truffles added a bit of earthiness to the dish. The roe gave a bit of saltiness and the abalone a bit of texture. Comprehensively, it was heaven in your mouth and I wanted a big bowl of it! 
A closer look at the pasta
COURSE 9: NIKU (MEAT COURSE): Japan Matsuzaka Wagyu Beef A5. Seriously, this was the best beef I've tasted in a really, really, really long time. It came on a sizzling plate to cook to your liking. The beef was perfectly marbleized that melted in your mouth. 
COURSE 10: SUNOMONO: Maguro, Japanese cucumber, Wakame, Yuzu Sake. This is a dish to cleanse the palate. It was fresh and light and the yuzu sake...oh man! Don't get me started on that. I could drink that forever.... 

COURSE 11: SHOKUJI (RICE DISH-SUSHI): Kinmedai, Toro, Hotate, Aji, Miso Soup. The sushi was utterly delicious. Each fish was melt-in-your-mouth perfection. The fish was sweet and fresh and she coated it with a little soy. The miso soup was bold and the way a miso soup should taste. A successful course. 

Ever seen tempura fried uni? Now you have! Although our friend was disappointed that she couldn't eat anymore raw foods, she said this stayed creamy and fresh. 
COURSE 12: DESSERT: Ume Shiso Granita. The granita was made out of plum and came with a matcha green tea. Together, it was delicious. The plum granita wasn't overly sweet , refreshing, and was a perfect way to end the meal and start a creamier dessert. 

A closer look at the granita
COURSE 13: DESSERT: Toasted Coconut Ice Cream, Stewed Lychee, Papaya, Pineapple, Macademia Nut, Meringue, Madeline. This was my kind of dessert. I'm very particular when it comes to coconut and I actually enjoyed this dessert. All the textures and flavors were spot on. It wasn't overly heavy and I thoroughly enjoyed this dish. 

I wanted some chocolate and voila! It was in front of me! 

Overall, N/naka is a breath of fresh air. I have not tasted something this fresh and unique in a very long time, especially in Los Angeles. The intricate details and respect that Chef Nakayama has for the ingredients can be seen in each course. How she comes up with the pairing of each ingredient is truly inconceivable. And if you've been here before, she takes note of it so you wouldn't have the same menu twice. 

Beyond the food, the service is impeccable. They unequivocally care about their customers and their experiences at N/naka. One of our friends ended up having an unknown allergic reaction to one of the dishes (possibly from raw shellfish) and the servers constantly catered to her, making sure she was ok. Additionally, Chef Nakayama changed up the menu for her on the fly to prevent any additional reactions from occurring.

N/naka is a masterpiece and in my opinion, would probably consider it one of the best restaurants in Los Angeles. This place isn't cheap ($185/pp) but I would eat at this place again in a heartbeat...that is if I'm lucky enough to secure a reservation. Thanks Chef Niki for an amazing meal! 

Notable dishes: Spaghettini with Abalone and the Sashimi

Monday, August 17, 2015


The Seychelle
1755 Ocean Ave
Santa Monica, CA 90401
Tel: 310.971.4460
$$$ ($30-$45)
Cuisine: Seafood
Sat, 08/08/2015, 7:00pm reservation
   (2.5 Piglets)

Chef Brian Malarkey is a Top Chef that is the man behind the Searsucker and Herringbone brands. The latest addition to his repertoire is the new Herringbone in Santa Monica. Set at The Seychelle's on Ocean Avenue, the restaurant boasts a fairly large seafood menu. Malarkey's vision is to bring fresh seafood while incorporating meat dishes to highlight its flavors. Although I appreciate the inspiration of also bringing locally inspired dishes, it failed to deliver. Many of the dishes were under-seasoned and the flavors were in-cohesive (but more on that later). 

On a positive note, the restaurant's decor is something pretty spectacular. It gives a sense that you're partly at sea and partly on land. A large communal table, casual seating as well as a large bar composes half of the restaurant ideal for social gatherings. The restaurant is not at all pretentious, so it was definitely a big plus for me. There are oyster hours daily from 4:30-6:30 pm offering $1 oysters and drink specials as well as live music Thursdays and Fridays. 

Part of the interior
The other half of the interior
JALE BERRY ($11.00): Strawberry jalapeno, infused tequila, lime agave. This was a refreshing drink with a slight kick to it with the jalapeno. It's perfect for summer but I wouldn't say I loved it. 
THE PETER RABBIT ($12.00): Pimm's #1, bruised basil, pressed lemon, pickled carrot. This was probably my favorite drink out of the two. It was different and the basil flavor really comes out through the drink. It gave a smooth finish and wasn't too sweet nor too strong for my liking. A good drink overall. 
OYSTERS: FANNY BAY/BC ($3/EACH), COROMANDEL/NZ ($3/EACH), KUSSHI/BC ($3/EACH): The oysters were medium bodied and more on the medium-small size. They had a cucumber base with a nice fresh finish to them. These oysters were delicious. My favorite would have to be the Kusshi oysters. 
ALBACORE POKE ($14.00): Ginger, soy , spicy mayo, nori, avocado. This was probably my least favorite dish of the night. Although the fish tasted fresh, the poke had no flavor and lacked seasoning. I felt there should have been a little acidity added to the dish to brighten it up a little more. The fried nori was good and it went well with the poke, but it wasn't amazing.  I actually only ate a few bites and couldn't eat it anymore (and I never pass on the opportunity to eat food so this was a sad moment). 
ARANCINI ($9.00): Herb aioli, tomato, mozzarella. The aranicini were fried crisp just the way I like them, but I couldn't taste the tomato. The herb aioli just felt as though it shouldn't have been there. I appreciate the chef trying to do something different but the aioli lacked flavor in all aspects. I ate these bad boys cause I love fried food, but I probably wouldn't order these again. 
SLOW COOKED ANGUS SHORT RIB ($31.00): Creamed kale, fingerlings, parmesan pine nut relish, jus. Ok, ok, I always love me a short rib but quite honestly, not these. The short ribs were extremely fatty, which I normally wouldn't mind, but it was almost all fat. The potatoes were ok and  cooked well and the creamed kale was good, but nothing at all superb. 
HERB FRIES ($7.00): The fries were ok. They weren't as crispy as I would have liked, but still good nonetheless.  
MY FAVORITE DISH. MINT CHIP PUCK ($11.00): Housemade mint chip ice cream, almond "magic shell", chocolate crumble, chocolate sauce, candied smoked almonds. Thank goodness for this dessert because it basically salvaged the whole meal. Up until this, I was completely disappointed, but this was a good dessert. I appreciated the mint chip ice cream using real mint herbs to create the creamy specialty. The shell was delicious and the condiments to go along with the dessert were chocolate-y, crunchy, and had overall good flavors. 

Overall, I feel as though Herringbone has the potential to be something amazing. The decor is already fantastic, but they need to improve a bit on the food and definitely the service. Herringbone had been opened for about a week when we visited the restaurant and they were definitely working out the kinks. First and foremost, they couldn't find our reservation, secondly, the waitress didn't have the menu memorized and was reading off her notes, third, no one would come by to check on us if we needed anything, and lastly, the busboys would try to take away our food when we were in the middle of eating (it happened three times). Maybe they need to have a bit of time working on this and then it could be something great. Nice try though! 

Notable dishes: Mint Chip Puck and Fresh Oysters