Monday, August 13, 2018


1725 Naud St
Los Angeles, CA 90012
Tel: 323.545.4880
Cuisine: Asian
$$$ ($30-$45)
Tues, 05/08/2018, 8:00pm reservation
    (4 Piglets)

David Chang is a Korean chef who has made a mark for himself in the culinary industry. He has established a number of restaurants in NYC and has decided to take on the West Coast.

Majordomo is an Asian-inspired restaurant set in Chinatown that encompasses Korean food, without being Korean (if that makes any sense). There are dishes that are unique that you've probably never tasted before. There are some that are traditional with a twist. Nearly all the dishes are served family style, the way Asians do it. 

The interior is industrial, yet chic. There is a cool looking bar where you can drink as you wait for your table. There is a main room where all the tables are situated and a hidden back room for additional seating. 

RAW SUGAR SNAPS ($10.00): Horseradish, Lemon, Shallot. The vegetables were good but nothing really special. They were crisp and felt light amongst the other dishes we ordered. If you want a slightly healthier option, this is your best bet. 

SLICED KANPACHI ($16.00): Citrus, Bonji. I thought this was a good quality sashimi grade dish. It was also light and melted in your mouth. The citrus added acidity to the fish to bring out its subtle sweet flavor. 

MY FAVORITE DISH. BING BREAD WITH SPREAD: EGGS AND SMOKED ROE ($18.00); CAVE AGED BUTTER AND WHITE STURGEON CAVIAR ($32.00). I loved, loved, loved these spreads. The bread was awesome...moist and chewy with a slightly crisp exterior. 

FRIED BUTTERBALL POTATOES ($12.00): Salsa Seca, Peanuts, Chili. This was surprisingly good. The potatoes were fried super crisp and I loved every bit of it. It had such umami flavor that even those who don't like potatoes would definitely love this dish. 
VERMICELLI ($26.00): Shrimp, Mussels, Clams, Jalapeno Dashi. This was a hearty dish. The vermicelli was able to soak the flavored seafood broth. If you're a seafood fan, this is the dish for you. I just wish there was actually more broth in this dish. 

CHERRY TOMATOES ($14.00: Tofu, Shisho, Yuzu. This dish was just ok for me. It was nothing special. The dish was fresh and light but I didn't care for it. 

FRIED SMELT ($14.00): Shrimp salt, Almond, Lemon. This was fried fish at its best. Imagine eating and English fish and chips, revamped, without the chips. It was flaky and it didn't feel heavy nor greasy. 

BONELESS CHUCK SHORT RIB ($85.00): Braised with Asian Pear and Daikon. Served with Rice Cakes, Potato, and Melted Raclette. I truly enjoyed this dish. I was so full by the time this arrived. I felt I didn't truly enjoy this dish as much as I would have if I received it earlier when I was hungry. It was a heavy dish and it had tons of flavor. It was a lovely experience to watch them melt the raclette on the ribs. 

HORCHATA KAKIGORI ($15.00): Coffee, Rice, Dulce de Leche. This was light and delicious. It was a good way to end the meal since it wasn't too heavy. You could definitely taste the horchata flavor. 
Overall, I thought Majordomo was pretty good. The dishes were innovative and I especially loved the bing bread with different topping options. There were so many dishes I wanted to try but my stomach simply didn't have enough room to accomplish that task. Unfortunately, they tend to run out of the whole plate short rib (which we wanted to get) so it's important to order ahead of time.

Notable Dishes: Bing bread, Fried Potatoes and Boneless Chuck Short Rib