Thursday, August 6, 2015


11301 W. Olympic Blvd., Suite 104
Los Angeles, CA 90064
Tel: 424.442.9302
$ (under $15)
Cuisine: Ice Cream, Desserts
Mon, 07/27/2015, 9:00pm walk-in
    (4 Piglets)

Honey? Ice cream? Sure! Why not?

Honeymee is a new trend that has been taking over Southern California by storm. It is a concept where they take California milk and create milk ice cream and top it off with pure honeycomb. The ice cream shop source their milk from a certified Kosher dairy factory with only the purest of pure milk. The honey and honeycomb are local from a certified bee farm and is 100% pure. The end result is pure bliss.

Honeymee isn't just all about honey. They also have a Ghiradelli chocolate sauce topping that is to die for (or if you much prefer, you can order caramel instead of chocolate or a mixture of both). And if that wasn't enough, milkshakes are their other specialty.

Ordering system
An array of honey products
MY FAVORITE DISH. HONEYMEE ($4.75): True milk ice cream with 100% natural honeycomb chip. This was truly delicious. The ice cream was creamy and tasted like pure milk.The honeycomb added sweetness and texture that was desperately needed. I definitely enjoyed this concoction. 

SWEETIE ($4.25): True milk ice cream with 100% natural liquid honey swirl. This is a good ice cream, but with the honey, it was all too sweet for my liking. I needed a bit of texture or something else to counteract all the sweetness. This was my least favorite of the three. 

DEAR ($4.25): True milk ice cream with Ghiradelli chocolate sauce and sprinkles of sea salt from France (or try it with Ghiradelli caramel sauce). I actually got this with both the caramel and chocolate sauce and it was amazing. I was able to get the best of both worlds and it wasn't overly rich surprisingly. It's a good break from all the honey and I thought it was delicious.

Overall, I do love the concept of Honeymee. The texture of the soft serve milk ice cream is delicious but I felt it wasn't anything special. The honey is definitely pure and the honeycomb is superb. Who doesn't love spitting out pieces of wax or having it stuck in your teeth? :P My complaint is that the price for such a small cup of ice cream is pretty darn expensive (I finished my ice cream in 60 seconds). I guess you get what you pay for: quality vs. quantity (on a side note, I visited Honeymee twice in one week so it's not a huge complaint of mine).

Notable dishes: Honeymee

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