Thursday, September 7, 2017


1320 2nd Street, Ste A
Santa Monica, CA 90401
Tel: 310.425.0064
Cuisine: Italian
$$ ($15-$30)
Wed, 08/16/2017, 6:30pm walk-in
    (4 Piglets)

Uovo means egg in Italian. Egg is one of the main ingredients used in pasta and hence, it is the name of the new restaurant that just opened up in Santa Monica. It is a restaurant that overnights fresh, handmade pasta from Bologna to ensure the taste and texture remains consistent to what is produced in Italy. The chefs of Uovo have re-created traditional sauces of Bologna that pair well with the pastas that are shipped. 

The restaurant itself is quite small. Similar to KazuNori (which makes sense since it is part of the Sugarfish/KazuNori family), there sits a massive bar countertop with an open kitchen. Around the bar are tables that house larger parties. Uovo lacks d├ęcor and the wine list is quite small, but in all honesty, who cares? It's all about the food, specifically the pasta, and well, the fact that it's pretty darn affordable helps too. 

TORTELLINI IN BRODO ($16.00): Handmade Meat Tortellini in a broth of Vegetable, Chicken and Beef. This was a really light dish, which I enjoyed. The broth was absolutely delicious. It was soothing and full of flavor. The tortellini was actually still al dente, even when floating in the broth. They are a bit small, so really easy to chew. I think this would be a great dish to have when sick. 

TORTELLINI CREMA DI PARMIGIANO ($16.00): Handmade Meat Tortellini in Cream of Parmigiano-Reggiano. This dish was definitely on the heavier side. The sauce was creamy and cheesy. The tortellini is the same as the dish with the broth. It's simple, yet tasteful. If you don't like creamy sauces, then this dish isn't for you. 

MY FAVORITE DISH. TONNARELLI ALL' AMATRICIANA ($15.00): Imported Tomatoes, Pecorino, Onion, Guaniciale, and Red Chili Pepper. This was quite delicious. The pasta is similar to spaghetti but with a bite. The sauce is a bit spicy, which I like. It definitely is saucy and full of flavor. I thought this was well-made and simple. 

TAGLIATELLE AI CARCIOFI ($15.00): Tagliatelle with Fresh Artichoke. This was a good dish. It's very light and the tagliatelle was cooked perfectly. There is butter in this dish, which I love. If you like a lot of sauce, this isn't the dish for you. 

TONNARELLI CACIO E PEPE ($15.00): Pecorino and Black Pepper-a Salt Forward Dish. This was my least favorite dish. I think it was a bit too heavy and very buttery. I just didn't think it tasted what a true cacao e pepe. would taste like. IT was creamy and saucy and very cheesy. 

Overall, Uovo is a great place if you're feeling like you want pasta without putting a dent in your wallet. It's a great place to bring a friend or two so you can try all the different pastas available. I've been to Uovo again since this visit and ordered the Bolognese, which I think is now my favorite dish. The place can be quite busy and the wait time isn't too bad; they usually do a good job with turning the tables. It's a simple place with simple dishes. They also have a few vegetable dishes, but I don't think it's worth wasting stomach space. Stick with the pasta. 

Notable Dishes: Tonnarelli all' Amatraciana and Bolognese (not pictured)

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