Saturday, October 24, 2015


Lou Malnati's
805 S. State St.
Chicago, IL 60605
Tel: 312.786.1000
$$ ($15-$30)
Cuisine: Pizza/Italian
Mon, 10/05/2015, 3:00pm walk-in

Pizza is usually a part of my healthy diet as I would like to say. To argue which pizza is best...NY or Chicago is based on personal preference. I've had both. I think both are equally good. So when I was in Chicago, I knew I had to find the best Chicago style pizza around.

The interior

The interior

Lou Malnati's is a classic. They opened their first shop in 1971 and has expanded ever since. Their pizza is a deep dish, traditional pie. The crust is what gets, buttery and flaky all made from scratch. Lou's pizza is thick and usually a slice is good enough to satisfy most people. They don't skimp on the cheese nor the sauce either. And obviously, on my visit, I had to get their specialty pizza: Malnati's Chicago Classic.

MALNATI CHICAGO CLASSIC (SMALL-$14.65): Made with Lou's lean sausage, some extra cheese and vine-ripened tomato sauce on Buttercrust.  If you ever wanted a pizza pie, this is the real deal.  So buttery, so cheesy, so good. The crust isn't as thick as I thought it would be. It was more the sausage and the cheese that is the substantial component of the pizza. It takes about 30 minutes to bake, so be patient. It's so worth it. 
A closer look at the Classic Sausage Pizza

Overall, Lou Malnati's is the way to go whilst in Chicago. It is extremely tasty, the service was pretty impeccable and you're always left feeling satisfied. Granted, I haven't tried their other toppings cause I stuck to what I knew was good. The cheese and the buttery crust...oh man...I can't get enough of it. Good thing they ship to California! Unfortunately, it ain't cheap. 

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