Tuesday, September 20, 2016


The Clove Club
Shoreditch Town Hall
380 Old Street
The Clove Club
Tel: +44 20 7729 6496
Cuisine: British, Scottish
$$$$ ($50+)
Mon, 09/05/2016, 8:00pm reservation
     (4.5 Piglets)

What used to be a supper club in a London flat has now been turned into a brick and mortar spot in the Spitalfields area of London. The Clove Club, ranked No. 26 Best Restaurant in the World with one Michelin Star is the new up and coming restaurant in London. Chef Isaac McHale has tranformed the Shoreditch Town Hall into a bustling eatery delivering a five course or seven course menu. The five course tasting menu offers an additional dish with a supplemental fee (which I ended up adding of course). 

Upon entering, you are stricken by the window displaying their in-house meat curing techniques. There is a bar that constitutes the main room display with tables that surround its perimeter. It's a casual spot with a bit of elegance. In the back is an open kitchen where diners will be served their seven course menu.

Their meat curing window
The kitchen

The back seating dining room
The bar area with curing meats

The cool staff
The menu
EMERALD ENVY (£12.00): Greenspot Whiskey, Gooseberry, Apple, served straight up). This drink was delicious! I normally don't like whiskey drinks, but I loved this one. It had a little sweet note to it and it definitely was on the stronger end. It's not for the light weight. My dad loved it so much he ordered another! 
A SELECTION OF SNACKS TO START: Dorset Tart. The tart was nice and crispy. It was a bit fishy with a creaminess like mayo. I thought it was good, but I wasn't amazed by this dish. 
A SELECTION OF SNACKS TO START: Buttermilk Fried Chicken with Pine Salt. This is one of the chef's signature dishes and it was definitely good. The batter wasn't overly thick and you could taste that it was well-seasoned from the pine salt. Unfortunately, my chicken was slightly dry. 
A SELECTION OF SNACKS TO START: Haggis Balls. Funny enough, these balls were actually pretty good. It was baked in a light crusted pastry and it was a great snack! 

A SELECTION OF SNACKS TO START: Baby Sweet Corn. The corn was from Hampshire and was baked in the husk with margarine butter. I thought it was good since I love corn. Nothing really too fancy about this dish other than it's local. 
COURSE ONE: Flamed Cornish Mackerel, Cucumber et English Mustard. This was made sashimi style where the mackerel was torched at the top with oil and sugar and topped with more olive oil. It was light and refreshing, especially with the cucumber. The mayo was a nice , creamy touch to the dish. It was a good way to start the meal.  
SUPPLEMENTAL COURSE (£18.00): Raw Orkney Scallop, Hazelnut, Clementine Et Manjimup Truffle. This is one of the chef's signature dishes. For some reason, I didn't love it. The scallops are raw and local from Scotland. It is housed with squid ink and mushrooms. I think it was a textural thing for me. The flavors were good though. 
EXTRA COURSE: Broth with herb and Cockle. The broth was a bright green that I couldn't get over. It was made with herbs that included parsley and tarragon with some miso as well. It felt like a palate cleanser and definitely nothing that I've ever tasted before. It was good. 
COURSE TWO: Monkfish Cooked in Roasted Barley Oil, Organic Aubergine Et Green Tomato. The monkfish was earthy and rustic. It was cooked so delicately with a slight char to it that I loved. I normally don't like monkfish, but I thoroughly enjoyed this dish. It was different and fresh. 
MY FAVORITE DISH. COURSE THREE: Roast Dorset Veal, Cepes, Sweetcorn, Pickled Walnut Et Coffee. Of course I picked the meat dish as my favorite dish! The veal was delicate and moist and served with a smoked bone marrow sauce. The corn puree with coffee crumbles was so good and meshed perfectly well with the veal. Everything was just damn good and I hope this is a repeat on the menu. 
COURSE FOUR: Apricot Sorbet, Burnt Honey, Toasted Almond Et Bee Pollen. This was my favorite dessert out of the two. It was soft and crunchy with so much texture. The sorbet was smooth and a bit tart to clean the palate. There was a good balance with the sweetness from the honey. This was a good, delicious dish. 
PETIT FOURS: Burnt Honey Sponge Cake Tart. This was a great petit four. Who doesn't love a tart with berries that are grown locally? The tart had enough sweetness with a bit of crunch. Delicious! 
COURSE FIVE: A Jelly of Champagne Et Summer Berries. I didn't love this dessert as much. It definitely was refreshing and a good way to end the meal, but I tend to lean towards something a bit more sweet. It's just a personal preference. 
PETIT FOURS. So good. Soft with a bit of crunch on the top! 
PETIT FOURS. How could you not love chocolate to end the night? Enough said. 
Overall, the Clove Club offers a unique take on British cuisine with a modern flare. The experience was awesome and the service was impeccable. They truly cater to the sophisticated palate. The flavors were prominent throughout each and every dish, which has taken that idea of British cuisine being bland and throwing it out the window. It's a cool vibe and a cool space. Definitely worth checking out! 

Notable Dishes: Veal, Monkfish, and Apricot Sorbet

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