Thursday, November 10, 2016


Acme Oyster House
French Quarter
724 Iberville St
New Orleans, LA 70130
Acme Oyster
Tel: 504.522.5973
Cuisine: Southern, Seafood
$$ ($15-$30)
Sun, 10/30/2016, 7:00PM walk-in
    (4 Piglets)

For an oyster house, man, this place is freakin popular! Acme Oyster House has a line that goes way out the door and we seriously waited an hour or so to be seated (you actually have to wait in line rather than give your name and wait to have your name called). The place is iconic serving up oysters and Southern flare since 1910. 

On the interior, the restaurant is pretty casual. There's a large bar where people can sit and be served the full menu that includes yummy fresh oysters or chargrilled oysters. Personally, I love their chargrilled oysters, which happens to be their speciality. For those who don't like the texture of oysters, this is the way to go (even my friend who doesn't like oysters thought this was pretty good after I forced her to eat them). 

The line
The kitchen
The bar and interior
FRIED SOFT SHELL CRAB PO-BOY ($16.99): Served with French Fries. I actually didn't like this po-boy. It was my first time having an authentic po-boy and unfortunately, it didn't have a lot of flavor for me. Don't get me wrong, I feel like this could be mighty tasty. Maybe I just didn't love the soft shell crab (although it was fried to a perfectly crisp texture). I loved the bread but I probably should've picked fried shrimp instead. You do need to put a ton of hot sauce to bring out the flavor. 
SIDE OF JAMBALAYA ($3.99): This was actually pretty good. It was packed with Creole spice with a bit of heat. For rice, this packed tons of flavor. I thought it was worth trying. 
MY FAVORITE DISH. CHARGRILLED OYSTERS ($11.99- 1/2 dozen): Sizzing Chargrilled Oysters Saturated in on Herb Butter Sauce, Topped with a Special Blend of Cheese. This was amazing! No wonder peeps wait so long in line for this specialty. It's not slimy like raw oysters or rubbery like how something is cooked. The texture is unique and what you taste most is the blend of butter and cheese and all that yummy goodness. It's served with bread so you can soak up all that butter that the oysters are cooked in. So freakin good! 
NEW ORLEANS BREAD PUDDING ($5.99): With Whiskey Sauce. This was really good and probably my second favorite dish of the night. The pudding was warm and gooey and the ice cream that was served with the pudding cooled off the steam. It was a perfect combination once that whiskey sauce was poured all over this deliciousness. Amazing! 

Overall, I understand why this place is famous. Acme Oyster House has one, if not, the best chargrilled oysters. It is succulent, delicious and packs ton of flavor. I thought the other dishes were ok, with the exception of the bread pudding. The stranger next to me allowed me to try their Boom Boom Shrimp, which was actually really good as well. If you just want oysters, this is the place to go...just be prepared to wait in line! 

Notable Dishes: Chargrilled Oysters and Bread Pudding

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