Friday, August 26, 2016


Au Cheval
800 W Randolph St
Chicago, IL 60607
Au Cheval
Tel: 312.929.4580
Cuisine: American
$$ ($15-$30)
Mon, 08/08/2016, 11:45am walk-in
     (5 Piglets)

Au Cheval is known for their burger. It has been ranked the best burger in the nation by the Food Network. InStyle states that Au Cheval is worth the flight to Chicago just to get a taste of it. So, does it really live up to the hype and is it worth the 2-4 hour wait? My friends in Chicago don't think so, but I had to go judge it for myself...

When I first arrived 45 minutes after opening, Au Cheval was already packed. There were people already waiting. Luckily, I was eating alone and the host said the wait would be 15-20 minutes (it was actually 45 minutes, which was kinda annoying). They sat me at the counter where you get a first hand glimpse of the kitchen. To be honest, I think these are the best seats of the house versus the nice leather seats that surround the restaurant. 

Counter seating

The restaurant itself is pretty small. The decor is simple and very "midwest" with exposed brick, dim lighting, and very rustic. The menu consists of a lot of rich dishes, so if you're not into delicious, robust flavor, then this isn't the place for you. 

The interior
The kitchen
Cooking the meat
Toasting the buns with an open flame
Look at these amazing fries!!! 
FRENCH FRIES ($5.95): These fries are freakin amazing!! They're probably one of the best fries I've had. It's twice fried, so it's super crunchy on the outside and moist on the inside. It comes in this tall container filled with deliciousness and a side of garlic aioli. The fries are kinda a lot if you have it with your burger, so it's a good idea to share. 
The garlic aioli the fries come with are amaze-balls! 
MY FAVORITE DISH. SINGLE CHEESEBURGER ($10.95) +FRIED EGG ($2.00) + THICK CUT PEPPERED BACON ($8.95): Ok, so this is my personal take on the burger (although some may disagree). This burger is probably my favorite burger of all the gourmet burgers I've tried. Yes, it's heavy. Yes, it's rich. So, don't be discouraged by those things. The single burger is actually two patties and the double is actually three. I topped it off with a fried egg (cause who doesn't love a fried egg on top?) and some bacon which was thick like pork belly. The burger itself was juicy with nicely melted cheddar that oozed out onto the bun. The sauce and the onions bring sweetness to showcase its complexity upon each bite. It seriously is a match made in heaven. It comes with a pickle on the side and you can ask for lettuce and tomato like I did as well. 
Look at this amazing burger when you top off the bun! 
Overall, Au Cheval is pretty amazing. Is it the best burger in the nation? So far, with the burgers I've had in the past, I would say so. Is it worth a 4 hour wait? Probably not. The best thing to do is to show up when they open or put your name down and grab a beer across the street while you wait. The burger is big and packs in tons of flavor. Even without the egg and bacon, the burger is pretty good. 

Notable Dishes: Single Cheeseburger and French Fries

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